About The Strip

Wendle's Story - Slide 1

A longtime ago in a middle class suburb not to far, far away...
lives Wendle - an anxiety-riddled sixteen-year old teenager.

Wendle's Story - Slide 2

Wendle works at a roach infested dump of a restaurant called Weenie World.
He would get another job, but is too lazy to look for one.

Wendle's Story - Slide 3

Wendle hangs out with his friend Tommy and occasionally Mark at the Coffee Hut.
Where they both spent their time consuming copious amounts of caffeine generally hanging out with no place to go.

Wendle's Story - Slide 4

When Wendle isn't passing time at the Coffee Hut. He is at the local record shop debating
the finer points of life with Mike and picking up some vinyl for his already bloated record collection.

Wendle's Story - Slide 5

Our hero isn't too academically inclined either. He skates by doing the bare minimum of work to pass his classes.
Study hall is his favorite class where he can sleep, daydream, or daydream about sleeping.