Patrick McDonnell getting my autograph

I have been drawing since I was old enough to pick up a pencil. My parents would buy me coloring books and didn't touch them because I was always scribbling on a piece of paper. After awhile they wised up and just bought me paper to draw on and life was good. This continued unabated for a couple of years until one day I came home from my Karate class and drew a guy side kicking a board.

After that I started drawing comic strips and creating stories much to the amusement of my friends. Jim Davis and Charles Schultz were huge influences on me and looked forward to reading the newspaper every day after I came home from school. On a lark I wrote a letter to Jim Davis with a bunch of my strips and sent it away to a small town outside Muncie, Indiana. Two months later he actually wrote me back with a nice letter of encouragement and an attachment with the top ten reasons on what makes a good cartoonist.

Fast forward through the rest of middle school and high school. I ended up going to Kent State where I was the campus cartoonist for three glorious years until I ran out of money and time. I ended up moving to North Carolina where I worked for the family-business and continued to draw my comic strip and submitting it to the syndicates where it was rejected again and again...and again...and again...and again.

Eventually, the Internet came along. Which gave me the freedom to post my comics at my leisure. After the gig for the family-business ended. I moved to Atlanta took a second crack at college actually graduating this time and landing a job as a web designer. After accumulating enough ideas to make a comic book, I self-published it and put it on the shelf at a local comic book shop where it did rather well. Inspired by how well my book did I put together a compilation of my comic strips. A year later I put together another one too. Besides working on my own stuff. I freelanced loosely for years designing the occasional t-shirt, postcard, business card, or website for a friend, or the friend of a friend. That worked out well and am looking to expand my freelance illustration career - hence me building the site you're currently visiting. Ciao!

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