Greetings! Welcome to my corner of the Internet. I am a web designer with cartoonist tendencies who enjoys designing websites, Email Blasts and being a code monkey.
I spend my free time drawing, photography, traveling, comic cons, taking a stroll around the Metroparks and riding my bike. Sometimes worlds collide and I end up taking pictures while I’m on a hiking trail riding my bike.
Below is a brief synopsis of my resume. Click here to download the pdf, or contact me using one of the links below.

Click below for recent websites I have completed. Enjoy!
Official Site For The Wallssager – Freelance site
It’s Only Me Comix Illustrations – Responsive Site
Wendle’s Life – Responsive Site
Frontier Friends – Bootstrap Site
CSS • HTML • Microsoft Office Suite • Adobe Web Premium CS6(Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver) • Cross Browser Testing Knowledge • Adobe Acrobat Premium • Mac & PC literate • Motorola Platforms (NSS and SXG) • ExactTarget • Websplanet Platform • Knowledge in Fixed-Width, Responsive, Hybrid and Fluid Site • Design Writing and Illustration Skills • Blackbaud NetCommunity • Sitecore
Familiar With
JQuery • HTML5 • CSS3 • Mobile Platforms • JavaScript • Hybris • BrowserStack • Bootstrap
Other Skills
Designed and coded both custom and template sites across
multiple platforms
Maintained and updated site content for advertisers
Conducted training class for new hires
Trained new hires on in house platforms (EFS, ACRM, Websplanet)
Ability to work under pressure individually or as part of a team,
while completing projects on time
Assisted with the transition from BellSouth to AT&T corporate
standards, processes and philosophy